I dropped out of UC Davis and left a soccer scholarship on the table to pursue financial freedom. I was so tired of other people controlling my life and how I spent my time. It’s so insane to me that we all bought into the story that we have to give up our time from 19-65 in pursuit of a few years of retirement where you’re too old and brittle to do anything.

As I dug deeper, I began to become more and more financially literate and realized that there was a way to generate income independent from my time. I realized that I didn’t have to be actively working to make money. I came to know this mindset of trading your time in exchange for money as the “employee” mindset. This is the mindset that is rampant in the middle class of our society. I desperately searched for a way around this “employee” mindset, so I could enjoy life and not be caught on the hamster wheel that is the traditional route:  get a job, contribute to your 401k. If you’re lucky (avoid getting laid off, fired, or losing the vast majority of your 401k at an inopportune time), then you get a few “golden years” of purposeless retirement if you don’t die first. I decided that I wanted more from my life than this empty promise of retirement. I wanted the freedom to control how I spent my most valuable resource… my time.

Long story short, I have been pursuing commercial multifamily real estate (apartment complexes) non stop for over a year and a half now. The reason I chose multifamily real estate was because people need a place to live, and not everyone wants or can afford a house. I figured that if I can own multiple units (apartments) where people live and have to pay rent, then I will receive income every month independent of my time. This is because the tenants are paying down the mortgage on the property. At the same time, they are also paying for my lifestyle with their rent. Multifamily is also an especially powerful form of real estate because when you have more units than just a single-family home, you achieve economies of scale. This means you have enough residual income from rent to hire a manager to run the complex. Now the complex can pay you a salary and also be operated and maintained independently of your time. This creates an income stream to your pocket every month, regardless of how you spent your time. This was a real breakthrough. 

I had no promise of income or success, and this uncertainty was compounded by the fact that I had just taken an enormous risk by forgoing traditional education. After six months of pure stress, sleepless nights, and relentless effort, I was able to close a 107 unit apartment complex for 4.55 million dollars in Louisville, Kentucky. You may ask how I had enough money to buy a 4.55 million dollar complex. Well, it’s rather simple. I raised the capital from private investors who, too, understood the idea of making money independent from their time. They got a portion of the income from the property for just writing a check. I got the remaining portion for finding the property, negotiating, inspecting, analyzing, and hiring the teams to operate the property. Its simple value for value. 

I did a similar process with a 12 unit in Atlanta, and I am currently under contract and in the process of closing on a 24 unit complex in Austin, Texas. 

I hope my story can inspire you to pursue what your passionate about and look outside the prescribed track of society. It’s certainly not a bad track for everyone, but it is for many of us. If there’s something in your heart tugging at you to do something different, then listen to it. Bet on yourself and don’t look back.