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My Story

I dropped out of UC Davis and left a soccer scholarship on the table to pursue financial freedom. I was so tired of other people controlling my life and how I spent my time. It’s so insane to me that we all bought into the story that we have to give up our time from...

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The Enemy Within

“If there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm.” to me this quote means that if we can overcome our ego then obstacles in life no longer harm us but help to build us and shape us into better people. The ego is the enemy of our true unlimited nature....

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Take ownership for your results

"When you take responsibility, your life will truly become your life" One of the most impactful things you can do for yourself is to take full responsibility for the results in your life. Taking responsibility means fully accepting that everything that happens to you...

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Timing the Market

Read this post if you are currently saying things like this to yourself: “I’m waiting for a market correction to take action.” “I’m just building my investor list right now so it’s ready when the market drops.” These can be perfectly fine thoughts if you have...

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Cap Rates

Capitalization rates are not the north star than many people think they are. Why you should consider more than just the cap rate Ok, Cap rates are important. However, they are such a small part of your decision-making process. The amount of times I hear “I only buy...

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Freedom Club

The freedom club gets exclusive access to highly vetted real estate deals, the latest insider real estate news, and private invites to special live events.