"How to do your first multifamily deal without any of your own money"

Learn a PROVEN system for using other people’s money to invest in multifamily real estate.

FREE Case Study Reveals: 

Kyle's Exact Script For Investor Meetings

Learn Kyle’s proven system of what to say and when to say it. So that you can build instant credibility and raise more money faster.

Focus on Meetings Not Millions

You will learn exactly how many meetings you need to have in order to do your first million-dollar raise in just 10 weeks.

How To Generate Investor Meetings

You will learn the exact daily and weekly steps to take so that you can generate investor meetings every week, consistently. 

The Benefits Of Multifamily Real Estate

We will dig into these 4 main benefits: Security, Control, Proven, and Tax Benefits. 

Kyle Marcotte is 21 years old, with over 119 units of multifamily real estate. His portfolio is valued at over 5.5 million dollars. In this case study, you will learn the tactics he has used to grow his investor list so quickly at such a young age.