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The purpose of this group is for investors to come together to network, learn from each other, and do deals. If you are interested in connecting with local multifamily investors, lenders, property managers, etc… come on down every last Tuesday to Skull Mechanix and grab a pint with us. There is no fee to attend, and there will be absolutely ZERO pitching. This is a networking event for like-minded individuals looking to learn, grow, and support one another

Austin, Tx

Creating lasting Partnerships

One of the greatest benefits of investing in real estate is getting to interact with people you actually like! What better way to see if you’re compatible than by grabbing a pint and talking shop. Our meeting format is very loose, and a great way of getting to know your fellow investors.

ATX Meetup

Learn and grow with like-minded individuals

We want to provide an oppourtunity where people with similar aspirations can come together and leverage eachother to reach their goals. We hope to make some friends in the process.

ATX meetup

Freedom Club

The freedom club gets exclusive access to highly vetted real estate deals, the latest insider real estate news, and private invites to special live events.