How to do your first multifamily deal in the next 6 months

The EXACT steps I used to do a $4.55 million dollar deal in my first 6 months of real estate with none of my own money.








What You Will Learn*

  • The EXACT steps I used to do my first million dollar deal in just 6 months.


  • How to pick the right market to invest in.


  • How to analyze a property to know if its a good deal.


  • The EXACT scripts I use with brokers and passive investors.


  • How to efficiently operate a property to make it 2x more profitable.


  • How to do all of this without any of your own money

Kyle Marcotte is 21 years old, with over 119 units of multifamily real estate. His portfolio is valued at over 5.5 million dollars. On this webinar, you will learn the tactics he has used to grow his investor list so quickly at such a young age.